Top Dancers to Follow on Instagram

Top Dancers to Follow on Instagram

We spend so much time scrolling Instagram, why not follow some dancers for inspiration?! There’s a lot of great dancers on Instagram posting a lot of great content. Whether you’re seeing trending dance routines to popular songs or getting to know what these dancers do in their downtime, there’s lots to be learned from following talented dancers.

Here are some of our favorite dancers to follow on Instagram:

  1. tWitch - @sir_twitch_alot and his wife Allison Holker - @allisonholker


You may recognize tWitch from the Ellen Show and his famous wife Allison Holker from Dancing With The Stars. If not, you should get to know them! They’re content is cute, funny, and super talented. And, they post a lot of couple’s routines and even have their little girl dancing in some. This sweet dancing family is so fun to follow.

If you like their content, you should also follow their dance family workout page @bossfamilyworkout.


  1. Emma Portner - @emmaportner

Emma is a Canadian dancer and choreographer who has spent time choreographic music videos for celebrities like Justin Bieber and has been featured on the covers of dance magazines. She’s also married to famous Canadian actress, Ellen Page. Her content is beautiful, artistic, and just a treat for sore eyes all around.


  1. Brennan Clost - @brennanclost

Brennan is a Canadian actor and dancer, having played a role on the tv series The Next Step. He’s been winning dance competitions since he was a child and he even went to Julliard School of Dance before becoming an actor. His Instagram page is a mix of fun dance videos, professional clips, and a lot of pictures of his personal life so you can really get to know him.


  1. Sean Lew - @seanlew

Sean has a whopping 1.5 million followers on Instagram and for good reason – his dancing is incredible! He has such a unique style that is so fascinating to watch. You’ll be scrolling his page and watching every single video in no time. His choreography will get you inspired to find your own style on the dancefloor.


  1. Isabella Boylston - @isabellaboylston

A Principal dancer at the American Theatre in NYC, Isabella’s Instagram page will give you your daily dose of ballet. She posts a mix of photos, videos, and choreography and puts her personal touches on classic ballet moves.


  1. Samuel Scherzer - @samuel.scherzer 

Vancouver dancer Samuel is not only talented, but super stylish. His choreography is on fire and he posts videos of his dance classes. It’s hard to not feel like dancing after seeing on of his posts! He also posts gorgeous photos of his life in Vancouver which will make you want to add the city to your travel bucket list.

Did we miss anyone?

We love finding new dancers to follow, whether that’s someone famous or one of our very own customers. Check out our Instagram page and send or tag us in the comments of your favorite dance accounts!