What To Expect When You Go Back To Dance Studios

What To Expect When You Go Back To Dance Studios

A lot has changed in the last year and a half, and many of us are excited to get back to our regular routines. There’s nothing better than being in the studio with your fellow dancers, feeling the music and dancing as a group. Also, connecting with fellow dancers at class and after class is a huge part of many dancers’ social lives. It’s nice that we can all get back to dance – even if things might be a bit different!

As much as it’s exciting to get back to the dance studio, some dancers might feel unsure of what to expect. Thankfully, dance studios are following public health guidelines and doing everything they can to make the dance studio environment safe and comfortable for all in-person dancers.

We here at Footloose have been following what many studios are implementing for their back to studio protocols, and here are some things dancers can expect when getting back in person:

  1. Class sizes will be limited

Class capacity is capped at what each studio size can accommodate. That may mean that some studios can handle more dancers than others. Remember, the number of dancers allowed in one class depends on the size of the room (actual square footage). Many studios will try their best to set up additional classes if one class fills up quickly and there is a demand for it.

If you don’t get into a class, it can feel disappointing – but many studios are opening up a Zoom virtual link for classes as well for those who can’t attend in person.

  1. Masks are mandatory

Right now, it will likely be required that all dancers wear masks when in their personal space in the dance class. This is to further ensure everyone’s safety. Many studios are allowing for frequent breaks to help with comfort. Anyone coming and going from the studio or lobby areas also have to wear masks.

It’ll be important to find a comfortable mask for class, and we have lots of great dance-focused masks to choose from.

  1. Family members/viewers will have to stay outside

Parents and other viewers likely won’t be allowed inside for the time being, with the goal of limiting the amount of people in the building. Younger dancers will be able to have a parent or guardian in their class, so contact your studio if you have a young dancer to see if you’re allowed in.

  1. Fill out your pre-screening questions before every class

Self-assessments are an important way of ensuring everyone is healthy and well before class. Make sure you fill out your form and if you have any symptoms at all, sit this class out for the safety of your other dancers and their families.

  1. Extra cleaning

Sanitizing stations will be used by everyone when they enter the building, and studio employees will be wiping down all surfaces, barres, floors, doorknobs, etc. between every single class to make sure the next class is clean and ready. Dancers will be expected to sanitize their hands before class.

  1. No partner work & physical distancing during class

It may depend on the studio, but some studios are pausing any partner work for the time being. Some studios have created 7-foot squares on the floor for dancers to be in, to ensure their own safety bubble within physical distancing.

Be kind, be safe

The staff at dance studios are doing everything they can to make dancing a safe space for dancers. While some of the rules and restrictions can be a big change for dancers, it’s important to be kind and patient to everyone during this time. Rules are in place to protect you and others! It’s important we all do our part to make sure places like dance studios can stay open.

As you get back to dance, come visit us or check out our website for new, comfortable, and trendy dancewear. Let us know about your experience getting back into the studio on social media, through our Instagram or Facebook page. We can’t wait to hear all about it